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Admissions to Greece Montessori School

Educational Child Care in Rochester, NY at Greece Montessori School

Both child and parents are interviewed before acceptance into the school: the child, to determine his/her general readiness for and response to the classroom environment; the parents, to review with them the home-school interaction that is central to the Montessori environment and to acquaint them with the programs, policies and facilities. Early applicants will receive priority in class session placement. All students are enrolled provisionally. After the child's first six weeks in school, his or her parents will consult with the Director about the child's reaction to the classroom environment and program.

Greece Montessori enrolls children from the age of 6 weeks through 6 years (first grade). Preference is normally given to children who are under 4 years of age at the time of admission unless they have previously attended a Montessori school.

Greece Montessori School in Rochester, NY, welcomes children of any race, religion, nationality, and ethnic origin.

You will need a password to access the GMS forms. If you do not have a password, please email or call the Executive Director, Rosa Piccirillo at (585) 227-4830.

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Thanks to all our weekend warriors!
May 20th, 2024
We had a big morning at the school and made a lot of progress. We dug out the area for the digging garden, put down weed barrier, and placed all the logs/stumps for the border and within the garden.

We just need to secure some mulch or stones and it will be ready to play in. Few photos attached! READ MORE
Remember to RSVP for the end-of-year picnic
May 14th, 2024
Greece Montessori children and parents are invited to end of year picnic on 5/31 at 11am. RSVP to Mrs. Robinson by this Friday 5/17. READ MORE
Our Garden Mural is Complete!
May 14th, 2024
The children painted our garden mural this week, and it looks beautiful! We love the bright colors and designs that our budding artists chose; this mural is the perfect personalized addition to our playground space in our backyard. READ MORE